Strong hardcore seeds in Minecraft

Minecraft Hardcore is the most difficult mode of vanilla Minecraft gameplay. It disables respawning and keeps the difficulty locked at hard mode. This makes for a challenging survival experience.

Even though Minecraft Hardcore is difficult, players can make their lives easier by choosing the right seed. There are some seeds that can be used to create a new world.

These worlds can also be used for standard survival in-game, which is why they are worth exploring.

Amazing seeds to help Minecraft Hardcore Mode gamers

7) Coastal Savannah Village (8795613549813)

Minecraft players can begin on a small island savannah. The nearby village at (X, 16, Y, 63, Z, -439) should make it much easier.

After they have accumulated enough resources and some useful gear, they can explore the world. A shipwreck (X. -147; Y. 53; Z. -561) can be found very close to the spawn islands. An ocean monument (X. -247; Y. 61, Z. -479) is also available. This isolated village helps to bottleneck hostile mobs that might approach.

6) Triple Village and Double Pyramid (69069594)

Although desert biomes can be difficult to find shelter in Minecraft, this seed does the exact opposite. Within 1,000 blocks of the spawning point, there are three villages and two pyramids in desert. Villages can be found at (X. 33, Y. 78, Z. -256), and (X. 169,Y: 72,Z: 394) respectively.

After Minecraft players have built up their resources, gear, and items, they can visit the desert pyramids at (X. -404; Y. 90; Z. -871) or (X. 210; Y. 66, Z. 264) to get some more loot. A nearby ruin portal makes it easier to build a Nether portal (X:310, Y. 57, Z. 141).

5) Huge Biome Variance (-7497863297697545553)

This seed is a great choice for Minecraft players who wish to have access to various biomes in order to locate their ideal base and gather specific resources. Although the player starts in dark forests, they have access to rivers, beaches, birch forests and jungles close by.

The swamp is further away at (X. 690, Z. -173) and players can travel to (X. -694,Z. 1,178) to locate a snowy biome next to a frozen mountain range. The snowy biome is located near a frozen river, which gives players an abundance of options when choosing their biome.

4) Mineshafts Galore (-5417526011715467957)

There are tons of abandoned mine shafts that can be explored after players have been spawned in the vast collection of badlands biomes. Once players spawn, there are four mineshafts around them. There is also a portal near (X:136, Z:88), which provides quick Nether access.

Players can explore many mineshafts as long as they stay within the Badlands Biomes. Minecraft players will want to explore as many mineshafts as possible, as there are too many to list coordinates.

3) Multi-Biome Spawn (-8401040335508653605)

This seed has 11 biomes, which are easily accessible on foot from the spawn. Unfortunately, it takes a bit longer to locate a snowy biome in this seed, but these seeds aren’t ideal for Minecraft Hardcore survival.

This biome diversity will provide all the necessary resources for players. This seed is great for survivalists as it can help players last the long-term.

2) Complete End Portal Seed (4776164391216949839)

The core goal of Minecraft Survival Mode is to complete the End portal and battle the Ender Dragon. Although this seed is quite simple, it contains an End portal that has been completed with all 12 slots filled with eyes from ender.

This allows players to get blaze rods in The Nether without the need to trade ender pearls. Players can simply prepare for the final battle and head out to (X, 1146, Y, 63, Z, -637) to get into the portal. It’s that simple.

1) The Citadel (10532435)

This seed was discovered on Reddit and is the ideal place to build a powerful castle to protect players. It has a large forest biome, with water nearby, a savannah and even some snowy spots.

A small village is located near spawn. There’s also a nearby pillager outpost. Once players have the necessary skills to fight villagers, they can be found north of the outpost.

Minecraft players can quickly build a shelter from the stone in the spawn.


Finding a gateway to the End

The End Gateway is a portal in Minecraft that creates around the main island at the End. It generates every time an Ender Dragon is killed, as the name implies. It’s used to reach the outer islands in the End, located 1000 blocks from the central island. These islands lead to End Cities.

You can find the legendary Elytra on the outer islands, which are beautiful structures known as End Cities. It is possible to reach the outer islands by building structures called End Cities, but it takes a lot of time and can result in the Ender Dragon being defeated.

Five Steps to Get an End Gateway in Minecraft

1) Locating a Stronghold

Strongholds in Minecraft are large underground structures that house rare items and a variety of mobs. If a player wants to reach the End, the End Portal is a crucial part of their quest.

It is difficult to locate a stronghold because it requires certain materials.

Eyes of Ender can be used to locate strongholds. They are thrown in the air and point the player in the correct direction. Continue to throw the Eye until the Eye hovers at a single spot or falls into the ground.

Next, the player must dig down. They will find the Stronghold when they can see stone bricks and mossy stones bricks.

2) Finding the End Portal

End Portals allow you to access the End realm of Minecraft. These portal rooms can only be found within a Stronghold. You can find portal rooms by searching the Stronghold.

Once they have found the Portal, the player must activate it by placing an Eye of Ender into each of the 12 frames. Every frame has a chance of producing with an Eye of Ender at 10%.

After all Eyes have been placed, the Portal activates with a loud crackling sound and a galaxy-textured Void will appear.

3) Destroying the Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon, the last boss of Minecraft is located in the End. It is essentially a sign that the player has “beaten Minecraft”. The Ender Dragon is a formidable foe and can easily kill a player. It is recommended to have a complete set of diamond armor and enchanted weapon.

The only way to make progress and find the End Gateway is to defeat the Ender Dragon.

4) Finding an End Gateway

An End Gateway will appear at the outer edge of the inner island after the Dragon is defeated. You can create up to 20 End Gateways by killing the Dragon and respawning it. You can respawn the Dragon by placing an End Crystal at each Exit Portal.

5) The End Gateway

It is one block high so you can’t access the End Gateway by walking directly through it. There are however a few ways around this.

To enter the End Gateway in Minecraft, you can throw an Ender Pearl inside the portal. You can also put water near the portal, and then sprint-swimming in the block. An Elytra is also available to fly into the portal.


How to find your world seed in Minecraft ?

Minecraft’s world seed is an important component. It is the string of random numbers that is attached each world. Minecraft has infinite possibilities for worlds, each with a seed that can be reproduced if needed.

Minecraft players can create the perfect setting by using the world seed. This applies to any world, no matter if it is a multiplayer one-player world or a server.

Each world has its own seed that can be shared with others. Here are the steps to locate it on a server.

Find a Minecraft server world seed

World settings can be used to locate a server in a regular world. This is not usually the case for servers. In this case, there won’t even be a seed in the world settings.

Anybody other than the main player must search for the original seed.

There are several ways to do this. There are two methods to do this: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. To get the world seed on Java Edition’s server, players will need to use a command.

It is as easy as “/seed” This will display the seed. It must be recorded as it cannot be copied directly from chat. This will require that commands be enabled on the server. Only admins or others who have been granted this ability by admins can perform this feat.

Although most servers are built on Java Edition, there are some that Bedrock players may enjoy. The “/seed” command will not work in Bedrock Edition. To find the seed server’s seed, you can use the standard method for finding world seeds (through the world settings).


Modpacks similar to better Minecraft

Modpacks are one the most exciting features in Minecraft. Modpacks are a collection of mods that modify or add to Minecraft’s game. This makes it more fun and gives players new content.

Better Minecraft is one the most well-known modpacks for Minecraft. There are over 100 mods in this pack that improve Minecraft in all aspects. They include new mobs and mechanics. Below are five modpacks that look similar to Better Minecraft.

5) The 1.7.10 Modpack

This modpack adds an extra layer of exploration to an already exploration-themed game. The 1.7.10 modpack gives the player a variety of questlines that they can follow or ignore. It renovates vanilla structures, including villages.

This modpack is compatible with both single-player as well multiplayer gaming. Technic Launcher is required to download this mod. You can also download the modpack from Technic Launcher.

Get the modpack here.

4) Sevtech Ages Modpack

Minecraft is now equipped with the Sevtech Ages modpack. This modpack is similar to blueprints in Rust. Players will need to slowly unlock knowledge to advance and craft more advanced items. This modpack contains over 250 mods, which is a staggering number of different block types.

Get the modpack here.

3) RL Craft

Its name is real-life craft and aims to make Minecraft more realistic. This modpack is similar to the Sevtech Ages modpack. It includes a knowledge system which requires players to gain experience before crafting specific items. This modpack also features a unique world generation that adds many structures to the game.

Get the modpack here.

2) All 6 Mods Modpack

This modpack is the largest and most comprehensive modpack available for Minecraft. It includes 343 mods. This modpack includes a variety of new features and items that add a lot of value to the game. It includes new mobs, new biomes, and new types of food as well as weapons and food. This modpack also contains many mythical creatures and weapons.

Get the modpack here.

1) The Hexxit Modpack

One of the most well-known modpacks for Minecraft is the Hexxit. The Technic Launcher is required to install and run this modpack. This modpack adds new tools, weapons, and armor to the game. Highlights include a Minecraft auto-building mod and new bosses.

Get the modpack here.

Modpacks allow you to download a large number of mods at once. Instead of focusing on one aspect of Minecraft, multiple mods can be used to create a refreshing and fun experience in all aspects of Minecraft.


Amplified worlds : everything you need to know

The terrain created by Minecraft is very realistic. There are mountains, plains, deserts and rivers. These biomes all blend together.

There is however a special world generation that players have the option to choose and spawn into. This world is far more dangerous than normal and looks very different.

Minecraft has many other world types for the Overworld. One of these is called “Amplified”. You can activate it in the world generation options by cycling until you reach “AMPLIFIED”. This world is extremely dangerous and gamers must be cautious. This article will cover everything you need to know about Minecraft’s Amplified World.

The Amplified Minecraft world intensifies normal terrain generation and randomly alters it, as the name implies. The world can have bizarrely high and steep mountains. Each one of these will reach the limit set by the game. Floating islands, crazy waterfalls/lavafalls, and more odd terrains become common sights.

Caverns are amplified to reach the bedrock. These caves can be huge and even contain vegetation. This type of world is not flat.

There are also missing or dislocated chunks, and no blocks will be generated from them.

The oceans of the Amplified World are larger than normal, and the ocean bed is deeper and more uneven. This affects all naturally-generated structures within the game.

Despite their extreme elevation, villages, jungle temples, or desert temples can all be created. You can see some of the most bizarre looking villages and other natural structures. Woodland Mansions are sometimes found high above ground and supported by a massive cobblestone tower.

It is important to remember that a powerful computer is required to create this kind of world. Minecraft will require more graphics performance and RAM to ensure smooth gameplay.


Which mobs can you saddle up ?

Minecraft is a game that allows you to create infinite worlds. This basically means that you can build or do whatever you want in Minecraft. Minecraft offers a wide range of items to keep up with its endless nature. Minecraft offers everything, from food to furniture to mob spawn eggs.

Saddles are a rare and important item in Minecraft. These can be used in Minecraft to facilitate map traversal. This article will cover everything you need to know about Minecraft saddles.

1) Striders

Striders are neutral mobs that can only be found in the Nether dimension. They can walk on fire, but they are rarely seen with younger striders and other mobs riding them. The player can ride a strider using a saddle. They can also be controlled using “warpedfungus on a stick”.

2) Horses and Skeleton Horses, Donkeys, Mules, and Donkeys

Horses are one of Minecraft’s most popular modes of transport. You can tame them by right-clicking on them and waiting for their “hearts symbol” to appear. Once they are tamed, players have the option to equip them with a saddle so that they can be ridden at will. Horses can be tamed using the same riding and taming techniques as Skeleton Horses, Mules and Donkeys.

3) Pigs

Pigs can be found in many biomes as a neutral mob. You can ride pigs on saddles. To ride pigs, players don’t need to tame or retrain them. Pigs can only be controlled with a carrot and a stick.

How to get a saddle for Minecraft

You can get a saddle from many sources:

1) Chests

As we have already mentioned, saddles are rare. These rare items are often found in very rare buildings. These chests are usually found in Dungeons and Bastion remnants or in Hoglin stables. They can also be found in End cities, Jungle Temples, Jungle temples or Strongholds.

2) Fishing

You can also purchase saddles by fishing in Minecraft. If the fishing rod isn’t enchanted, they have a 0.8% chance of dropping as fishing loot.

3) Trading

Village leatherworker villagers can sell saddles at six emeralds at Master level. This trade is available in Java Edition.

4) Mobs

If a mob spawns with a saddle, it can be killed and the saddle will drop. This is only a 8.5% chance.

If you find a saddle, it can make Minecraft a lot easier. They are also required to obtain the “When Pigs Fly!” achievement and the “This Boat has legs” advancement.


Harshest biomes in Minecraft

Minecraft’s vast and diverse world is home to many biomes. Every biome is unique and depends on many factors such as height, temperature, waterbody etc. Minecraft is a survival-based game. Some biomes may not be suitable for players to survive and live in.

Biomes are regions of a map that have a specific type of environment. Minecraft has over 61 types of biomes, which includes the Nether and End realms. Biomes such as Forest or Plains are the most safest, since they pose no threat to players’ lives.

However, certain biomes can be very dangerous.

There are many biomes in Minecraft that can be dangerous, but here are the top five most difficult biomes to survive in.


Because there are no trees or farm animals, deserts can be difficult to survive in. Because there is no grass or dirt blocks available, players cannot even grow any plants. This biome makes it difficult to survive.

4) Dripstone Cave

Dripstone Caves has been added to the Caves and Cliffs update. This biome is full of hostile mobs and pointed dripstones that can cause damage to players. If players are trapped in a large dripstone cave, hostile mobs may spawn and attack.

3) Soul Sand Valley

Soul Sand Valley is a biome that can be dangerous and located in the Nether. This biome can produce a lot of Ghasts or skeletons that can attack players. The biome is made more difficult by the presence of soul sand blocks, making it harder to run through and making players an easy target for hostile mobs.

2) The End

The End realm can be one the most difficult biomes to survive in when players first enter it. The main island is home to Ender Dragons and Enderman. The island has no bedrock layer so players can fall off it. The End Island is dangerous.

1) Basalt Deltas

Basalt Deltas can be found in the Nether. These biomes are gray and eerie and can be dangerous for players. They have uneven terrain and small holes in the lava, where they allow them to fall and then die. These biomes can also be spawned Magma Cubes that can attack players. This biome is extremely dangerous and difficult to survive.


Mods to make Minecraft harder

Minecraft is a survival game by its core. It can be challenging to play at times. New players can often get stuck in one stage or have difficulty moving on. Most players find the game easy and enjoyable. They also look for ways to increase the difficulty.

Although the game offers tools such as the “Hard” difficulty level and the “Hardcore mode to increase the toughness and number of mobs and events, it can become repetitive and even boring after a while. The game has been around for over 10 years. Mods are here to help. Mods are a way to add features to Minecraft that aren’t available in the default game version.

Many mods add new features to Minecraft, such as weapons, mobs and sounds. They also increase the difficulty of the game. These mods will be the focus of this article, and how they can be combined to create one of the most difficult Minecraft experiences.

Modifying Minecraft to make it more difficult

Mods are a great way to make Minecraft more challenging and complex than the current version. These mods can be combined to create a terrifying but rewarding Minecraft survival experience.

Note: YouTuber AsianHalfSquat is the one who showcased the mods. He makes detailed videos on many topics and has a YouTube channel.

1) Strong as nails

This mod adds the additional factor of temperature and thirst to the game. Players will have to replenish their thirst and maintain their health.

2) Wasteland Reborn

This mod transforms most of the game’s terrain into a barren wasteland. Players will need to be cautious as water and grass are scarce. This mod is even more effective when combined with the Tough As Nails mod.

3) Epic Siege Mod

By giving hostile mobs new abilities, this mod makes them more difficult to defeat. Hostile mobs are now able to break down players’ doors or build after them if necessary.

4) Punch Me Not

This mod allows players to take damage whenever they use their fist to extract wood or other materials. Ark: Survival Evolved also has this feature. Players should be cautious about what they mine.

5) Weather Storms and Tornadoes

This mod adds tornadoes to the game’s weather. The weather system is dynamically enhanced and can be deadly. This mod can cause severe damage to the world of the player.

6) General Disaster

This mod allows for disasters such as volcanic eruptions, large sinkholes spawning or earthquakes to occur at any time in the player’s game world. It greatly affects how players plan their actions.

7) Hardcore Darkness

This mod is well-known and renders low-light areas of the game completely pitch black. This makes torchlight and other light sources a necessity.

Minecraft is widely acclaimed as a great game. It is enjoyed by both young children and adults, which is interesting because it seems to be very enjoyable for both ages. It can be both easy and difficult at the same time.

Although Minecraft is a game that can be handled by anyone, it’s not for everyone. Many players may not like the mods.


Piece of Portal brought to life in Minecraft

A Minecraft Redditor, named “RadiantInferno”, recently posted a stunningly-made video showing a room-changing device that was created using Create Mod.
His video skills and his amazing contraption earned him thousands of positive comments and upvotes. (Later, the original post was removed due to violation of the self-promotion rule on Minecraft Reddit page.
The player demonstrates how the room-changing mechanism works in the video. Create Mod assigned each room a number. Once they have entered the number, the room is moved away and the designated one comes and attaches to the main control structure.
The creator demonstrated which number corresponded with which room, and then seamlessly cycled between them in the video. The post was stunningly demonstrated using great camera movements and beautiful music.
People react to the room changer made in Minecraft with Create Mod
Redditors were overwhelmed by the video and the in-game machine after the original post was posted. Many were impressed more by the creator’s cinematography than the build itself. Many others also gave positive feedback about the mod and contraption.
The overall design of the video was appreciated by many people. The video was visually pleasing because of the smooth transitions and pan shots.
The creator thanked everyone and mentioned another Minecraft mod called CMDCam with which he filmed these beautiful shots of the entire machine.
The original post was deleted from the Minecraft Reddit Page because the creator also uploaded a YouTube video showing the entire machine’s mechanics.
Many people asked why the post had been removed. The creator explained the circumstances. He also posted the video to Create Mod Reddit.
Many people compared the machine mechanism with different movies or other games. One person mentioned Portal 2, a puzzle-based game. According to the machine’s creator, Portal 2 was what inspired him.
Others have mentioned the Cube movie series, and even Monsters Inc. where rooms can be changed with the help of a machine.

Minecraft 1.18 update

The 1.18 update will bring all of the world-changing new features. All new biomes, the Minecraft Warden is a new enemy mob, and there are new blocks that allow wireless Redstone to be used in Minecraft for the first-time. This is all exciting stuff. You should check out the Minecraft snapshot betas to see it in action.

This is a summary of all we know so far about Minecraft 1.18, also known as part 2 in the Caves & Cliffs updates. We will also include any Mojang announcements regarding confirmed features that are coming after the 1.18 upgrade.

Minecraft 1.18 Update Release Date

Now is the official Minecraft 1.18 release date. Mojang announced the official Minecraft 1.18 release date via tweet, a few weeks following the Minecraft Live 2021 stream.

Minecraft 1.18 update Caves & Cliffs biomes

Noise caves

Noise caves are a new type of cave that generates underground sound waves. They come in two types: cheese and spaghetti. Spaghetti caves are narrow and winding, while cheese caves have large open areas that are filled with stone pillars. Aquifers are caves that have flooded cave systems containing a variety of minerals.

Lush Caves

As of the 21w37a snapshot, you can now find the Lush Caves biome in Minecraft. The cave is home to vines, fruits, and flowers hanging from the ceilings. These paintings were inspired by John Bauer’s Swedish painting, which depicts people walking through vast woodland areas.

You can find Lush Caves by looking for Azalea trees at the surface. These signs can be a sign that you have Lush Caves beneath that you can explore and mine.

Lush caves are covered with new flora. You can choose from flowering or non-flowering Azalea varieties to transform the dirt into rooted soil. Rooted dirt can spawn roots beneath them which you can harvest.

Spore Blossoms, pink flowers that grow on the roof, drop particles. Mojang did not say whether these particles are useful, but it did state that Spore Blossoms can be moved to ceilings. You can also find Moss in the Lush Caves. It is available as tiles or in blocks.

There are some vines that grow in the Lush Caves and bear orange berries. These glow berries can be picked and eaten, which will satisfy a small portion of your hunger meter. It is better to let them grow on the vines, as they will provide natural light. There is also a chance that the vines will produce a glowberry as they grow.

Dripleaf is the last of these new plants. These plants can be found in clay pools, which could make them useful for anyone who wants to build a jungle-themed obstacle track. Although you can jump on the leaves, the leaf will eventually droop if you keep it there for too long. It will eventually give way, but the leaves are fully recoverable so you won’t be able to fall through them.

The small dripleaf plants can only be planted on clay or dirt that is not underwater. Once the plants are fully grown, you can harvest them and place them anywhere you like.

Final note: Once the Lush Caves have been officially added to the game, the watery areas are where you will find the axolotls and not their current underground river location.

Dripstone Caves, Deep Dark biome

As of 21w37a snapshot, Dripstone Caves were in Minecraft. The Dripstone Caves will be unique because of the stalagmites, stalactites, and even though they made it to 1.17. The rest of the stalactites can be destroyed by destroying the blocks at their tops. Stalagmites, on the other hand can be used as spikes to cause injury to friends and enemies. You can also use a bucket to collect water from Stalactites. This will provide you with a source of fresh water.

To make your stalagmites or stalactites as long as possible, you can combine them. Stalactites can not only drip water but also lava. You can keep it in a cauldron below to save it for later. You should also know that a pointed dripstone can be broken if you throw your trident at it. Here you will also find more copper than in regular caves.

Minecraft mob changes

The first Minecraft 1.18 beta snapshot shows a natural terrain variant that differs from the biomes. This is reflected in the patch notes, which state that forests and deserts can form on hills without the need for a special biome. Dark mobs will no longer spawn in darkness. Therefore, dimly lit areas are safer. A subsequent experimental snapshot shows that spiders, zombies and skeletons can spawn at light levels 11 and 11, respectively, so it is necessary to have multiple torchlights to keep these monsters away.

Modifications to Minecraft terrain limitations

All of the latest ore distribution and terrain changes are available as of Minecraft snapshot 21w37a. The official site has a complete list, but these are highlights of the changes to mountain, river, and caves.

This would be difficult to implement given the terrain height restrictions. However, these are being changed to allow for underground biomes. You might have heard the term Y=0. This refers to the coordinates that you can select in the options menu. The Y axis indicates the vertical distance. In the next update, the lowest block distance limit on Y axis will be -64. This will give you plenty of blocks to dig into. Deepslate blocks will be found here, as well as new Minecraft iron, copper, and gemstone blocks.

The maximum height is the same as before. The new Y-axis block distance limit for the highest y axis block is 255. This means that there are new snowy biomes available to explore.

Minecraft 1.18 is not undergoing any changes

Some features previously announced have been delayed by the Minecraft Live 2021 stream, which announces the Minecraft 1.19 update. Also known as the Wild update.


Bundles can be helpful for people who have trouble managing their inventory. It’s possible to make bags that can hold as many items as you want. Although their total capacity is not known at the moment, it appears like they could hold several full inventory slots. You can keep bundles in chests, and you can mix-and match.

The Deep Dark biome, Sculk Blocks, and wireless Redstone

Sculk Growths are a characteristic of the Deep Dark biome. These new Redstone-like energy sources are the key to unlocking the wireless activation for Redstone-powered gadgets.

A Sculk Sensor will emit a Redstone signal if it detects footsteps and/or destroys/places a block. These can be used to control gadgets with no trail of Redstone.

To prevent the signal from being transmitted, wool can be used. This will ensure that the trigger activates only the signals between Sculk signals or contraptions. Wireless Redstone is a great option for building massive Minecraft castles or city-building projects.


This mob is designed to bring players back to the first night of Minecraft, when everything was terrifying. The Warden is a mob that lives in the Deep Dark biome. Its only purpose is to make you pee. They are hostile monster mobs and can be found in dark underground areas.

Wardens can’t see, but they respond to vibrations from footsteps and thrown objects. They also react to alerts from the shriekers, which are a new block that makes loud noises whenever it gets too close. The warden can be distracted by snowballs because it detects the impact of the snowball. If one is near, they can temporarily darken the screen. However, Sculk Sensors, a new type of block, also respond to their presence.

You can sneak around it if you happen to come across one. However, you will need to be careful. If it can find you and the light at the centre turns on when it is chasing you, it will run very fast and can thump your body for a lot more health. The Warden does not recognize armour so be prepared. The trident might be an effective weapon against it, who knows?


This is the only feature that was announced after the Minecraft 1.18 update. It may not make it to the Wild update. This is the most exciting new addition, so we say “sadly”.

There are many excavation sites around the surface. These sites will have chests containing brushes. These brushes can be used at dig sites or made with specific materials to remove certain blocks like dirt and gravel.

It sounds great, doesn’t it? You just have to find them. There is one catch. You risk ruining the artifact and possibly losing it forever if you are negligent and fail to fully discover it before you move on. You can find rare artifacts and expensive blocks if you’re careful.

Once you have found them, you can make pots from ceramic shards. You can place them on fire pit templates. Once you are satisfied with the design of the pots, you can place them on a template over a fire pit and add some flint or steel to finish the pot.

This is all we know so far about Minecraft 1.18 and the future. Let’s say you want to improve your Minecraft experience. We have many guides to help you experiment with the best Minecraft mods and the most beautiful Minecraft shaders.