Strong hardcore seeds in Minecraft

Minecraft Hardcore is the most difficult mode of vanilla Minecraft gameplay. It disables respawning and keeps the difficulty locked at hard mode. This makes for a challenging survival experience.

Even though Minecraft Hardcore is difficult, players can make their lives easier by choosing the right seed. There are some seeds that can be used to create a new world.

These worlds can also be used for standard survival in-game, which is why they are worth exploring.

Amazing seeds to help Minecraft Hardcore Mode gamers

7) Coastal Savannah Village (8795613549813)

Minecraft players can begin on a small island savannah. The nearby village at (X, 16, Y, 63, Z, -439) should make it much easier.

After they have accumulated enough resources and some useful gear, they can explore the world. A shipwreck (X. -147; Y. 53; Z. -561) can be found very close to the spawn islands. An ocean monument (X. -247; Y. 61, Z. -479) is also available. This isolated village helps to bottleneck hostile mobs that might approach.

6) Triple Village and Double Pyramid (69069594)

Although desert biomes can be difficult to find shelter in Minecraft, this seed does the exact opposite. Within 1,000 blocks of the spawning point, there are three villages and two pyramids in desert. Villages can be found at (X. 33, Y. 78, Z. -256), and (X. 169,Y: 72,Z: 394) respectively.

After Minecraft players have built up their resources, gear, and items, they can visit the desert pyramids at (X. -404; Y. 90; Z. -871) or (X. 210; Y. 66, Z. 264) to get some more loot. A nearby ruin portal makes it easier to build a Nether portal (X:310, Y. 57, Z. 141).

5) Huge Biome Variance (-7497863297697545553)

This seed is a great choice for Minecraft players who wish to have access to various biomes in order to locate their ideal base and gather specific resources. Although the player starts in dark forests, they have access to rivers, beaches, birch forests and jungles close by.

The swamp is further away at (X. 690, Z. -173) and players can travel to (X. -694,Z. 1,178) to locate a snowy biome next to a frozen mountain range. The snowy biome is located near a frozen river, which gives players an abundance of options when choosing their biome.

4) Mineshafts Galore (-5417526011715467957)

There are tons of abandoned mine shafts that can be explored after players have been spawned in the vast collection of badlands biomes. Once players spawn, there are four mineshafts around them. There is also a portal near (X:136, Z:88), which provides quick Nether access.

Players can explore many mineshafts as long as they stay within the Badlands Biomes. Minecraft players will want to explore as many mineshafts as possible, as there are too many to list coordinates.

3) Multi-Biome Spawn (-8401040335508653605)

This seed has 11 biomes, which are easily accessible on foot from the spawn. Unfortunately, it takes a bit longer to locate a snowy biome in this seed, but these seeds aren’t ideal for Minecraft Hardcore survival.

This biome diversity will provide all the necessary resources for players. This seed is great for survivalists as it can help players last the long-term.

2) Complete End Portal Seed (4776164391216949839)

The core goal of Minecraft Survival Mode is to complete the End portal and battle the Ender Dragon. Although this seed is quite simple, it contains an End portal that has been completed with all 12 slots filled with eyes from ender.

This allows players to get blaze rods in The Nether without the need to trade ender pearls. Players can simply prepare for the final battle and head out to (X, 1146, Y, 63, Z, -637) to get into the portal. It’s that simple.

1) The Citadel (10532435)

This seed was discovered on Reddit and is the ideal place to build a powerful castle to protect players. It has a large forest biome, with water nearby, a savannah and even some snowy spots.

A small village is located near spawn. There’s also a nearby pillager outpost. Once players have the necessary skills to fight villagers, they can be found north of the outpost.

Minecraft players can quickly build a shelter from the stone in the spawn.


Finding a gateway to the End

The End Gateway is a portal in Minecraft that creates around the main island at the End. It generates every time an Ender Dragon is killed, as the name implies. It’s used to reach the outer islands in the End, located 1000 blocks from the central island. These islands lead to End Cities.

You can find the legendary Elytra on the outer islands, which are beautiful structures known as End Cities. It is possible to reach the outer islands by building structures called End Cities, but it takes a lot of time and can result in the Ender Dragon being defeated.

Five Steps to Get an End Gateway in Minecraft

1) Locating a Stronghold

Strongholds in Minecraft are large underground structures that house rare items and a variety of mobs. If a player wants to reach the End, the End Portal is a crucial part of their quest.

It is difficult to locate a stronghold because it requires certain materials.

Eyes of Ender can be used to locate strongholds. They are thrown in the air and point the player in the correct direction. Continue to throw the Eye until the Eye hovers at a single spot or falls into the ground.

Next, the player must dig down. They will find the Stronghold when they can see stone bricks and mossy stones bricks.

2) Finding the End Portal

End Portals allow you to access the End realm of Minecraft. These portal rooms can only be found within a Stronghold. You can find portal rooms by searching the Stronghold.

Once they have found the Portal, the player must activate it by placing an Eye of Ender into each of the 12 frames. Every frame has a chance of producing with an Eye of Ender at 10%.

After all Eyes have been placed, the Portal activates with a loud crackling sound and a galaxy-textured Void will appear.

3) Destroying the Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon, the last boss of Minecraft is located in the End. It is essentially a sign that the player has “beaten Minecraft”. The Ender Dragon is a formidable foe and can easily kill a player. It is recommended to have a complete set of diamond armor and enchanted weapon.

The only way to make progress and find the End Gateway is to defeat the Ender Dragon.

4) Finding an End Gateway

An End Gateway will appear at the outer edge of the inner island after the Dragon is defeated. You can create up to 20 End Gateways by killing the Dragon and respawning it. You can respawn the Dragon by placing an End Crystal at each Exit Portal.

5) The End Gateway

It is one block high so you can’t access the End Gateway by walking directly through it. There are however a few ways around this.

To enter the End Gateway in Minecraft, you can throw an Ender Pearl inside the portal. You can also put water near the portal, and then sprint-swimming in the block. An Elytra is also available to fly into the portal.